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Disaster Response


Maintenance and Welding


Dirt World

Emergency Fueling

At SCS, Inc., we have fuel trucks at the ready to assist in your emergency fueling needs. We recently were able to ship our trucks to Puerto Rico to aid in hurricane relief after Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

Debris Collection

In line with our disaster recovery services, we are able to provide manpower and vehicles to assist your company or municipality in clean up efforts. We offer several types of equipment tailored to this work.


You're not local to Middle Georgia? Our teams travel the world to assist in your projects. Please note: international travel needs additional advance notice due to possible passport requirements.

Shop Work

Need an extra hand for a day? A month? We have skilled welders and machinists at the ready to fulfill your temporary and long-term needs.

Earth Moving

We have many years of experience in erosion control and earth moving, be it in rural residential areas or in industrial mining areas.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Have equipment but not an operator? We can help. With our CDL drivers on staff, we can provide professional drivers and operators for your project.

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